Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the system requirements?
  • How much bandwidth does the monitor use?
    • Not much bandwidth at all. Average of about 8KB per hour [192KB per day if run for 24 hours]
  • Does the monitor affect the performance of my computer?
    • Our application is small and lightweight. It should not affect your day to day processing.
  • Can I monitor more than one location?
    • Yes, you can monitor multiple locations simultaneously.
  • How can I test what will happen when an outage is detected by MyEnergy Monitor?
    • You can test the actions that can be taken by MyEnergy Monitor under the 'Settings' menu. The three buttons under the Alert Testing section will allow you to perform test runs of the actions. Note : Please note that testing the shutdown/hibernate action will actually shut down your PC. You will, however, have the opportunity to cancel the shutdown/hibernate.
  • Does this application contain spyware?
    • No. Only anonymous information is monitored (for example, which areas are monitored the most etc). No personal information is recorded.
  • Why do you only show national power status?
    • We have noticed that the power status for different regions is identical. We will update the application should the regions start having their own power statuses.
  • How does the application keep up to date?
    • The application checks for any updates on the MyEnergy servers when it starts up. If there are updates available, you will be prompted to download the new version. The update will be automatically applied and the new version of the monitor will start up.
  • Is MyEnergy associated with Eskom?
    • Not at all. We are merely providing an information service. The accuracy and availability of the service therefore cannot be guaranteed.
  • Where is the schedule information and power status information obtained from?
    • The schedules are based on those provided to the public by Eskom. The schedules for those areas whose schedules are not included on the Eskom website (such as the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality) are obtained from the area themselves.
  • Why is my area not listed in the monitor?
    • Firstly, make sure you are looking under the correct region. Eskom's regions do not correlate with the provinces of the country (for example, Port Elizabeth is in the Eastern Cape province but falls under the Southern Eskom region).
    • Secondly, if you know where to obtain the schedule for your area, then let us know and we will see if we can include it in the monitor.
  • How can I advertise on MyEnergy?
    • Thanks for the interest! Please have a look here for more details.
  • Can I make use of a proxy server to connect?
    • Yes, once you have installed the monitor you can edit proxy details under the settings menu.


live load shedding info

The current power status was not able to be determined.
 Pre-emptive load shedding is not in progress.
scheduled for load shedding at *

user reported outages **
No outages reported
No outages reported
No outages reported
Total reported hours without power since Eskom suspended load shedding on 5 May 2008
* the values are calculated using the schedules we currently have in the system, based on the outages at . these values do not apply if pre-emptive load shedding is not in action.
** users can report unexpected outages using the MyEnergy Monitor desktop tool. values are updated every 15 minutes.


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